Tom Kadida | Chairman & CEO

KDG is proud to be a family run business, and is run by Tom and Tererfe Kadida. Tom is the Owner, Chairman and CEO of KDG. He has over 15 years of real estate experience which has allowed him to position his company as an emerging leader in the real estate development market in Washington, D.C.

Before setting up KDG, Tom was one of the founding members of The Carthage Group, which was a premiere real estate development firm. Tom has also worked as a senior executive with the Trinity Lending Network, a boutique real estate lending firm.

Tom founded KDG in 2004 and puts his energy into making successful real estate acquisitions and developments.

Tererfe Kadida | Project Manager

Terefe Kadida is the Principle of KDG, and directs the building and construction fields. Prior to joining KDG, Terefe was involved with the building of multiple residential and civic centers in the Washington, D.C. area.